Why Hindus Celebrates Krishan Janamasthmi

Krishan Janamasthmi

Why Hindus Celebrates Krishan Janamasthmi.

When we think about Hindu rituals and festivals, the Krishna Janamasthami is the most important festival of India.

In this year 2018 Krishna Janamasthmi will be coming on the 3rd of September.

Basically Krishan Janamasthmi is a kind of local festival of Brij Bhoomi. Mathura and vrindavan or nearby cities is the place we called brij bhoomi. Reason behind the celebration is the Birthday of Lord Krishna the 8Th avatar of Lord Vishnu. According to the Hindu mythologies Lord Krishna took Birth in Mathura 5200 Years ago. His father and mother was a prisoner of his own uncle. Lord Krishna’s uncle (MAMA) was the king of Mathura. King of Mathura was told by the akash vani that his sister’s 8th son will be the reason of his death. Vasudave and daveki was the real parents of Lord Krishna. At the night of birth, vasudev took his own son(lord Krishna) and try to escape the prison to save his son from his uncle. He left his son at gokul village near Mathura at nand baba and yashoda’s house.

How It Celebrates:-

Krishan Janamasthmi
Krishan Janamasthmi

According to the hindu calendar the day of birth was the 8Th day or Asthmi of Krishan paksh or Shukla paksh. Festival comes in the month of August or September. People celebrates Krishna Janamasthmi at midnight as lord Krishna was born at the dark and stormy night of Bhadon month. People believe that he the man how will save them from the evils of Mathura and protect them.

If we want to see the real celebration of Krishan Janamasthmi, we must go to Mathura and vrindavan. In brij Bhoomi we can see the devotion of the people to the lord Krishna. There will be lots of music, dance, lightning, decorations and lots of flower works at the temple of Mathura and Vrindavan. We can say that Lord Krishna is one of the favorite among all Hindu Lords.

Krishan Janamasthmi
Krishan Janamasthmi

People gave many different names to his beloved lord, like Nand gopal, kanahiya, madhav, murari, govind, manohar and the best one is makhan chor.

Happy Krishan Janamasthmi To all the Readers. May Lord Krishna fulfill all your Dreams and desires

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